Iconic Monuments to visit during Christmas holidays in Nigeria

Date: Nov 28, 2023
Iconic Monuments to visit during Christmas holidays in Nigeria

Christmas is one of the most popular times for Nigerians living abroad to travel back home. The elaborate festivities, mouthwatering food and quality family time, make the trip worth it. If you plan to visit Nigeria this Christmas, explore some of its iconic monuments beyond just celebrating with loved ones.

Top Iconic Monuments to Visit

Nigeria is home to magnificent ancient and modern monuments across cities that provide insights into its rich culture and heritage. These are some of the top iconic structures you must visit when in the country over the Christmas holidays.

1. Ancient Kano City Walls

The ancient walls surrounding Kano City are a great place to start your monument tour. These mighty walls were originally constructed in the 11th century with mud and have amazingly stood the test of time. You can take guided tours of the walls to admire the intricate designs and learn about the skilled craftsmanship.

2. National Theatre

Constructed in the 1970s, the National Theatre in Lagos is shaped like a military hat. Inside, you will find exhibition halls, a 565-seat cinema, restaurants and a massive lobby. It is a wonderful place to experience contemporary Nigerian culture.

3. Benin Moat

Believed to have been hand-dug between the 13th and 15th centuries, this incredible structure surrounds Benin City over 20,000 km! You will be awed by the masterful engineering as you walk along it and admire the earthen red walls on either side.

4. Sukur Kingdom

This first UNESCO World Heritage site in Nigeria offers insights into ancient civilisation before Western contact. Explore the sprawling stone-walled compounds, the king's palace and sacred places decorated beautifully.

5. Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove

The Osun Osogbo sacred grove is a lush and serene UNESCO World Heritage site. It is covered in shrines, sanctuaries and artworks dedicated to Osun, the Yoruba goddess of fertility. The annual Osun Osogbo festival celebrated here is a must-see.

6. Lekki Conservation Centre

The Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos offers scenic nature trails, canopy walkways and educational programmes about Nigerian wildlife and conservation. Spot rare animals like monkeys, crocodiles and birds as you explore this urban nature reserve.

Christmas Markets and Shopping

Beyond historical sites, explore the vibrant Christmas markets and bazaars springing up across major cities in December. Kurmi Market in Kano overflows with beautifully patterned fabrics and revamped secondhand clothes. Shop for handicrafts and leatherwork at Sabon Gari market to retrieve unique souvenirs.

You’ll also enjoy haggling for festive decorations and gifts at the stalls in the Oyingbo market in Lagos. Visit The Palms or Mega Plaza in Lagos for modern shopping malls to find international and local brands. Christmas shopping for traditional wear and outfits is an experience in itself!

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Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

With its rich cultural heritage and festive Christmas spirit, Nigeria offers memorable experiences over the holidays. Make this Christmas extra special by exploring these iconic destinations and soaking in the diverse traditions.

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